Is Your Team Pulling in the Same Direction? [video]

Do you feel like you’re always busy but never really accomplishing anything? Or wondering if all that effort is helping your team move toward the goal line? Or if there is a goal line?

rowingAt CollegePlus, we’ve worked really hard this year to get everyone on the same page and pulling in the same direction. To support that effort, we’ve implemented tools like VIP projects to achieve a clarity of focus for everyone on the team.

This week, we gathered our key managers together to make sure we all still have alignment and to firm up our plans for 2014.

The following 3 minute video is a compilation of brief testimonies from some of the staff discussing their biggest takeaway of the week. As you listen, you will notice certain themes emerge as evidence of alignment. This is both new and exciting for us as a company!

Now its your turn. whether you are a manager, pastor, parent, or CEO – you can use your influence to achieve alignment and clarity in your sphere of influence. Want to know how? Check out these two posts:Focus Part I: The Power of saying “No” and Focus part 2: VIP Projects.



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